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Kelly Forbes | PhD Cognitive Psychology CMSP

Kelly Forbes received her B.A. in Psychology from Brock University in 1991. She later completed her M.Sc. (1993) and Ph.D. (1998) in Cognitive Psychology specializing in psychophysiology from Dalhousie University. Kelly was awarded scholarships from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council during both her undergraduate and graduate education. She is a Certified Modelling and Simulation Professional (Modeling and Simulation Professional Certification Commission, USA).

Kelly has worked extensively as a Human Factors Technical Lead and Project Manager for several multidisciplinary project teams for a variety of defense (Army, Navy, Air Force, Joint), security and other federal, provincial and municipal government departments as well as private industry projects over the past 19 years. Kelly has a range of Human Factors experience, including exercise and experimental design and evaluation, user requirements analysis, business case development, business continuity and emergency response plan development, survey design, interviews and user groups, usability evaluations (web sites, software applications, products) and interface and concept development of applications. Several of her Human Factors projects have focused on evaluating the impact of new and emerging technologies on emergency management and public safety processes, policies and personnel.

Recent Publications

Forbes, K., Dowker, S. (2016). Evaluation framework and data analysis plan. Technical report to the Centre for Security Science.

Forbes, K. (2013). Public Security Technical Program Task 17 Support to Multi-Agency Situation Awareness (MASAS) transition plan. Contractor report DRDC CSS CR 2013-08, 2013.

Jones, S.M., Forbes, K. & Macdonald, S. (2015). Best practices shipping Ebola contaminated goods. Contractor report to Transport Canada.

Kaminska, K., Dawe, P., Forbes, K, et al. (2015). Digital volunteer supported recovery operations experiment, Defence Research and Development Canada, Scientific Report.

Newman, R. L., Forbes, K., & Connolly, J.F. (2009). Event-related potentials and magnetic fields associated with spoken word recognition. In M. Spivey, M. Joanisse & K. McRae (Eds.), 2009. Cambridge Handbook of Psycholinguistics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.